Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Antebellum 2020

Title:- Antebellum 2020
Directors:- Gerard Bush, Christopher Renz
Writers:- Gerard Bush, Christopher Renz
Cast:- Janelle Monáe, Eric Lange, Jena Malone
Genre:- Film 2020 | Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Rating:- 5.5/10

Synopsis:- Antebellum 2020 stream online free latest Hollywood horror and thriller movie. Two parts have been introduced in this movie. Pre-Civil War slavery and a southern plantation. Slaves are treated harshly in plantations. They can’t speak without permission. The slaves who try to escape to escape this are killed. On the other hand, you will find a famous sociologist Veronica Henley trapped in a frightening reality. Which you will see him exposing the mind-bending mystery to face the past, present, and future. Watch the full movie online free on Europix Movies, to learn the secrets that freed slaves, and how Veronica Henley breaks out of the frightening reality.