2021, 720p, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

Dragon Fury 2021

Title:- Dragon Fury 2021
Directors:- Scott Jeffrey
Writers:- Scott Jeffrey, Rhys Waterfield
Cast:- Nicola Wright, Chelsea Greenwood, Sofia Lacey |
Genre:- Film 2021 | | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Rating:- 6.1/10
Vanessa Reid is given a task so she gathers her old team and starts identifying the existence of dragons. The plan was to find and if they get success will bring the creature back alive. She decided to call Libby and Lexy. Reaching on-site they joined with Professor Palson and his partner Nicole. Now the whole squad is ready for their target. In the beginning, Dragon Fury starts delivering up red flags. The elite group sent for the mission includes a trio of old housewives, not special operatives. When they all reached the location, Palson informs them that the radiation is mysterious. The website HDEuropix is streaming so many latest 2021 selected films for you.