2024, Action, Comedy, Thriller

Drive-Away Dolls 2024

Title:- Drive-Away Dolls 2024
Directors:- Ethan Coen
Writers:- Ethan Coen, Tricia Cooke
Cast:- Margaret Qualley, Geraldine Viswanathan, Beanie Feldstein
Genre:- Film 2023 | Action, Comedy, Thriller
Rating:- 6.0/10
Drive-Away Dolls add a Coen flair to an iconic conceit of two innocent people unintentionally getting entangled in dangerous situations. The movie centers on two friends who simply need to spend a little time away from town. While one of them needs some time to relax the other is still hurting from a breakup. The two rent a car to travel to Florida, but they soon discover that the vehicle has some secrets in the trunk that a few naive thieves would like to get their hands on. Let the antics begin. In other places, he also enlists Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal the internet’s favourite apocalyptic dads, who appear to be playing two broken criminals searching for a deal. Flixtor movies offer well-defined navigation, and here you can easily find your favorite films.