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Greatland 2020

Title:- Greatland 2020
Directors:- Dana Ziyasheva
Writers:- Dana Ziyasheva
Cast:- Shannon Briggs, Nhya Cedon, Ellen Clifford
Genre:- Film 2020 | Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Rating:- 5.0/10

Synopsis:- Download Greatland 2020 movie free in 720p Quality. The hero of the film, a teenager named Ulysses, also lives in this country. One day the Mother from her throne announces to the population about the news that is taking place in Greatland. An epidemic of an unknown virus will begin in the country. As a result of the incidents of a deadly virus, disorder and chaos begin. And at this time, Ulysses goes to save his childhood sweetheart. The teenager has to cross the forbidden border, but this does not scare him and does not stop him from realizing his dreams. Suddenly, the boy finds out about his real origin and about who actually rules his country. Users can access popular HDEuropix comedy online within just a click.