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Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021

Title:- Gun and a Hotel Bible 2021
Directors:- Raja Gosnell, Alicia Joy LeBlanc
Writers:- Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren
Cast:- Bradley Gosnell, Daniel Floren, Mia Marcon
Genre:- Film 2021 | Drama
Rating:- 6.1/10
The story started with Pete stating about the night meeting his romance, Cindy. Pete portrays the moving hours, Cindy offered him the last beverage. The relationship turns terrible when Cindy begins an outside issue. At the Hotel Roselyn situated in Chicago, Pete goes into his room, shaking a gun. A man wearing a smooth suit at long last addresses Pete when he flips the Bible. The man informed that he is Gid, an exemplification of sacred writing. Very soon, Gid comprehends that Pete is arranging an act of viciousness. The muddled relationship of Pete with God is uncovered later in the film. To watch the new collection of Hollywood Movies visit HDEuropix 2021 now and enjoy all of them for free.