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Oslo 2021

Title:- Oslo 2021
Directors:- Bartlett Sher
Writers:- J.T. Rogers c
Cast:- Ruth Wilson, David Olah, Sam Goldin
Genre:- Film 2021 | Drama, History, Thriller
Rating:- 6.5/10
Historical event-based film Oslo 2021 is directed by Bartlett Sher and written by J.T. Rogers. In this movie, you will watch about the dispute that was going on, in the Palestinian and Israeli. Conversation between Uri Savir foreign minister from the Israeli and Ahmed Qurei is going on. In this secret negotiation, Uri is getting ready to give up the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians but Qurei is asking for the city which is 20 miles away from Jerusalem, Jericho. Johan Jørgen Holst (Karel Dobrý) is trying to play the role of mediator in the telephonic conference in 1993. This movie is portraying the whole struggle that was made to finish the dispute between Palestinian and Israeli. You must watch this full movie to get connected with your roots and you may find out How the whole circumstances were going on at that time. To watch more similar films for free you have to visit the Europix Movies website and enjoy all of them in full HD print.