2021, Horror, Thriller

Out of Death 2021

Title:- Out of Death 2021
Directors:- Mike Burns
Writers:- Bill Lawrence
Cast:- Jaime King, Bruce Willis, Lala Kent
Genre:- Film 2021 | Horror, Thriller
Rating:- 7.0/10
Out of Death is an American crime thriller film. The movie follows Jack Harris who is a retired cop. He has to protect his niece from corrupt cops and criminals. When Jack’s niece Shannon is trying to taking a picture of corrupt cops and criminals. Then she tries for taking the picture of one of them killing one of the dealers. When cops notice her taking the picture of them then they are trying to attack her. At that moment Jack protected her from criminals. Mike Burns is the director of this movie. Bruce Willis and Jaime King are starring this movie as leading characters named Jack Harris and Shannon Mathers. Enjoy all the similar films on your devices in Full HD print, visit Europix Movies streaming site now.