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Save Yourselves! 2020

Title:- Save Yourselves! 2020
Directors:- Alex Huston Fischer, Eleanor Wilson
Writers:- Alex Huston Fischer, Eleanor Wilson
Cast:- Sunita Mani, John Reynolds, Ben Sinclair
Genre:- Film 2020 | Comedy, Sci-Fi
Rating:- 5.6/10

Synopsis:- Free streaming online latest movie Save Yourselves! 2020 full of action and drama. This is a comedy sci-fi movie. The story of this movie revolves around Jack and Su. Jack and Su is a young couple from Brooklyn who is addicted to their cell phones. They decide to move upstate for a vacation to disconnect from their cell phones and reconnect with themselves. Away from the media, they are unaware of the news that the world is receiving an alien invasion. europix online is the most famous alternative for streaming online free latest action movies.