Cranston Academy Monster Zone 2020

Title:- Cranston Academy Monster Zone 2020
Directors:- Leopoldo Aguilar
Writers:- Bob Barlen, Cal Brunker
Cast:- Jamie Bell, Jayssolitt, Ruby Rose
Genre:- Film 2020 | Animation
Rating:- 6.6/10

Synopsis:- Download free animation movie Cranston Academy: Monster Zone 2020. This movie is based on genius boy Danny. When he transferred to the boarding school. Here he met with Liz, who is the number one student in a boarding school. Danny starts a competition with Liz to become the number one student at the school. In the competition suddenly he opens the portal. The open of the portal awaken up the sleeping monsters in the school. Danny defeats the monster with the help of Liz and the professor. HDEuropix is specially designed for free streaming online for all latest movies.