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Infinite 2021

Title:- Infinite 2021
Directors:- Antoine Fuqua
Writers:- Ian Shorr, Todd Stein
Cast:- Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson
Genre:- Film 2021 | Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating:- 5.3/10
The story is set during “the last life” where three infinities and engaged in a car chase. In the process, they came across empty streets, where they did not get any clue about the costumes, hairstyles, or architecture. This pulled them back from getting the information of the decade where they are inhabiting. Then the movie follows the present “in this life” in New York City. It includes a slow-motion bustling Manhattan street bathing in orange sunlight, and cranes are reflecting from an office window which is readable like stock images. The director has expressed his vision for the action sequences. As expected, Infinite gives many action scenes and car chases, most of them are a lot enjoyable. With lots of trending Hollywood films, the Europix Online platform is ready for you, watch all new releases this weekend.