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The Traitor 2020

Synopsis:- Download 2020 movie The Traitor on hdeuropix website free online in 720p HD quality. Based on real events, the film tells the story of the mafia Tommaso Bushetta, who violated the so-called “code of silence” – an oath to the criminal clan Cosa Nostra. But what exactly prompted the ex-criminal to take such a dangerous step? We meet the hero after he moves to Rio de Janeiro.Tommaso fled to Brazil due to the clan war, which was gaining momentum, as a result of which his family, his wife Christina and two growing sons, could suffer. Despite caution, he is still in the hands of the police. When the identity of the detainee is revealed, then sent to his Italian colleagues. At this moment, Bushetta realizes that he is actually doomed and most likely will not even survive before the trial. And this awareness requires certain actions from him. Watch hdeuropix movie Motherless Brooklyn in HD for free.