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Agent Revelation 2021

Title:- Agent Revelation 2021
Directors:- Derek Ting
Writers:- Derek Ting
Cast:- Derek Ting, Michael Dorn, Kayla Ewell
Genre:- Film 2021 | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rating:- 5.4/10

Agent Revelation is a 2021 action, science fiction movie. In the movie, actors play the roles of Derek Ting (Jim Yung), Michael Dorn(Alastair), Kayla Ewell(Billy). Jim is a special agent who is on a mission with his crew. But on the mission, they face an alien cloud where all the crew members have died but Jim is alive. Jim is infected by the alien cloud but he gets some special power through the cloud. Alastair also knows the secret of alien clouds and he helps them to understand the cloud’s security. Alastair tells him the alien is ready to attack Earth. So how Jim uses his power against the Aliens, is a thrill. On the Europix Online movie website, so many other categories of movies are also available here.