2020, 2021, 720p, Thriller

Dead in the Water 2021

Title:- Dead in the Water 2021
Directors:- Nanea Miyata
Writers:- Nanea Miyata
Cast:- Angela Gulner, Sam Krumrine, Michael Blake Kruse
Genre:- Film 2021 | Thriller
Rating:- 5.0/10

Dead in the Water (2021) is written by Nanea Miyata in this movie Catherine Lidstone plays an aspiring photography vlogger. She gets dumped by her boyfriend after a long term relationship. Her best friend Amy( Angela Gulner) takes her to a lake house for a break with her family vacation. where a mysterious and effortlessly attractive man crosses their path. After that, they both decide its right way to overcome the situation and look up the vacation. Watch stream HD presence cause that runs high over the emotions in the movie, and how their friendship faces the demons between themselves. Get all related Hollywood movies on the HDEuropix website and pay nothing for it.