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To Olivia 2021

Title:- To Olivia 2021
Directors:- John Hay
Writers:- John Hay, David Logan
Cast:- Hugh Bonneville, Bobby O’Neill, Eve Prenelle
Genre:- Film 2021 | Drama
Rating:- 6.7/10

To Olivia is a drama movie that is based on a true story. The movie is directed by John Hay. The movie starring Hugh Bonneville as Roald Dahl and Keeley Hawes as Patricia Neal. Roald is a famous writer and Patricia is a famous actress who is a happy couple and has two daughters. But the ups and downs come in their life when her seven-year-old daughter Olivia dies. Roald is in depression because of his daughter’s death and he tries to finish her life with excess consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. The relation with his wife is also imbalanced because of his habits. But finally, he understands the situation and takes action to save her relation and take a new start. One of the best Hollywood Movies Streaming platforms is the HDEuropix site, here viewers are enjoying many new 2021 released as well as 2020 released movies also.