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Happily 2021

Title:- Happily 2021
Directors:- BenDavid Grabinski
Writers:- BenDavid Grabinski
Cast:- Kerry Bishé, Joel McHale, Al Madrigal
Genre:- Film 2021 | Comedy, Crime, Romance
Rating:- 5.2/10

Happily is a Hollywood 2021 released movie which is directed by BenDavid Grabinski. The star cast of the movie is Kerry Bishé, Joel McHale, Al Madrigal. The movie is focused on a Romantic married couple Tom and Janet who is in love for 14 years. They love each other as no one others do. They share feelings with each other and never fights. Their friends always feel jealous of him. One day an unknown person comes to his home and tells him to take an injection that makes them a normal couple. How’s that injection is changed his life, and also love for each other is interesting to watch. You all are enjoying Europix Movies in HD Quality for free here, keep sharing this site with your friends also so that they too can enjoy these movies without paying anything.