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Playing God 2021

Title:- Playing God 2021
Directors:- Scott Brignac
Writers:- Scott Brignac
Cast:- Hannah Kasulka, Luke Benward, Michael McKean
Genre:- Film 2021 | Comedy,Drama
Rating:- 5.4/10
Siblings, Rachel and Micah get their profit from individuals through various tricks. Individuals trust them for some reason and give enormous money sums. Both have made their life going through criminal activities. One of the men returns to upset their life. Vaughn gets back to assemble the cash that was taken from him. He cautions them to kill if they accompany under $200,000. Both go to Ben to collect cash from him as he needs answers in parts of life like religion and spirits. Rachel and Micah become heavenly messengers and tells Frank to behave as part of God and meet Ben. Do you like the movies having fights? Then you have to visit HDEuropix Action now and have a look at the list of latest action films streaming online.