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The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020

Title:- The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020
Directors:- Won-Tae Lee
Writers:- Won-Tae Lee
Cast:- Kim Sungkyu, Dong-seok Ma, Mu-Yeol Kim
Genre:- Film 2020 | Action, Crime, Drama
Rating:- 6.9/10

Synopsis:- Download The Gangster the Cop the Devil 2020 HDeuropix full movie online in 1080p HD print. Jang Dong Soo is a gang leader from Cheonan, South Korea. When he becomes the target of the serial killer Kang Kyung Ho, becoming the only victim to survive his attack. The gangster barely survived the attack, he knows that his reputation is irreparably damaged. He must find the killer and make him pay for the attack on him. The police are forced to work with organized crime to capture this threat to Korean society. Watch new release hdeuropix 2020 movies online at your home without any registration or cost.