2024, Drama

Ordinary Angels 2024

Title:- Ordinary Angels 2024
Directors:- Jon Gunn
Writers:- Kelly Fremon Craig, Meg Tilly
Cast:- Hilary Swank, Alan Ritchson, Emily Mitchell
Genre:- Film 2023 | Drama
Rating:- 7.8/10
Ordinary Angels tells the incredible true story of young Michelle Schmidt whose life hangs in the balance after the loss of her mother. We are introduced to Michelle whose mother has recently died of an illness. Her father Ed is absolutely devastated struggling to support Michelle and her sister after keeping his construction business on hold. To make matters worse Michelle herself is seriously ill and her family rarely receives a liver transplant immediately. Just when all seems lost Sharon Stevens walks in. She’s a hairdresser with big hair a big heart who stumbles into the family’s case and makes it her mission to save Michelle although violent and unconventional Sharon becomes the relentless champion of the Schmidts. He strength-arms hospital execs in providing treatment and encourages their communities to rally around the family in their hour of need. Flixtor full movies offers a large collection of free films, TV shows, web series, and films.