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The Power 2021

Title:- The Power 2021
Directors:- Corinna Faith
Writers:- Corinna Faith
Cast:- Mark Smith, Marley Chesham, Rose Williams
Genre:- Film 2021 | Horror
Rating:- 5.6/10
The Power is a horror Hollywood movie which is directed by Corinna Faith. In the movie, the stars who played roles are Mark Smith, Marley Chesham, Rose Williams. The movie story is in the year 1973 that revolves around a movie character Val. She got a nurse job in a city hospital in Britain and join it. She is too excited and curious for the first shift where she meets with his instructor. The instructor told all the rules of the hospital to Val and also tells her that she has a night shift today. When she heard about the night shift she worried about it because she was afraid of the black night. In the night when the shift is on and light is gone his nightmare becomes true and faces some unpredictable evils. To enjoy more similar Horror Films visit the HDEuropix website and enjoy all the movies for free.