2020, 720p, Sci-Fi

Battlefield 2025 2020

Title:- Battlefield 2025 2020
Directors:- Joseph Mbah
Writers:- Robert Conway, Joseph Mbah
Cast:- Jose Rosete, Anna Harr, Dustin Leighton
Genre:- Film 2020 | Sci-Fi
Rating:- 2.1/10

Synopsis:- Complete hd streaming of latest movie Battlefield 2025 2020. Teenage Ellie, the protagonist of 2025: The Battlefield, goes camping with her sister Rose, her boyfriend Ethan and school friend Dylan. At first, it seems that the girl has only two problems on this trip. Firstly, she walks too much, and secondly, she convinces Dylan that she likes him just as a friend, and nothing more. At the same time and in roughly the same area, two prisoners, Jake and Ronnie, escaped from custody, but Ronnie was shot while escaping, and now Jake is looking for help.He bumps into Ellie and company, who are really doing their best, unaware that they are helping two fugitives. Ronnie dies anyway, and when Cop Matt stumbles upon their group, Jake reveals his true colors. Soon, real troubles begin for everyone, as an alien spaceship crashed nearby, the pilot of which is furious. Enjoy an ever-changing catalog of europix online movies absolutely free.