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The Legion 2020

Title:- The Legion 2020
Directors:- Jose Magan
Writers:- Carmen Ballesteros (screenplay), Jose Magan
Cast:- Mark Aaron, Marta Castellví, Joaquim de Almeida
Genre:- Film 2020 | Action, Adventure, History
Rating:- 3.3/10

Synopsis:- Download The Legion 2020 HDeuropix movie online in high definition quality. This is an epic story of courage and heroism in a time of war. At the time of the Roman-Parthian wars, two Roman legions got stuck in the snow-capped mountains of Armenia and threatened to freeze to death. To get help, the semi-Roman soldier Noreno is assigned the mission to undertake a two-week march of violence against the rest of the Roman army. Because the mountains are teeming with enemy patrols and it is a question of time before the Parthians discover and destroy the two legions. Watch new HDeuropix movies in 720p HD quality without any signup.