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I Am All Girls 2021

Title:- I Am All Girls 2021
Directors:- Donovan Marsh
Writers:- Wayne Fitzjohn, Marcell Greeff
Cast:- Erica Wessels, Deon Lotz, Masasa Mbangeni
Genre:- Film 2021 | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Rating:- 5.5/10
The movie story follows Jodie who is a special crimes investigator. After a series of kills by the suspect, she noticed that the killer is leaving some clues that can be useful for the authorities to solve the case. The investigator is tired and looks mad to her leaders who tell her to take a break. But she keeps on going and finds that the killed men have some marks on their stomachs. She comes to the fact that they somehow are connected to a child sex trafficking syndicate. She is definite about the intrinsic link. You have already missed many new Hollywood films till now, with Europix Online movies streaming platform you can watch and enjoy them for free.