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Come to Daddy 2020

Synopsis:- Stream a new horror comedy movie Come to Daddy online at our website. Norval gets off the intercity bus and holds it for a long time, standing on the side of the road. Remaining on a small highway running along the California coast, he gathers his strength and sets off for his final destination – the home of his father, whom he had not seen for 35 years. When the hero was a five-year-old boy, his father left the family, after which he no longer saw him … What caused the visit after so many years? A mysterious letter from his father, which says that Nerval is simply obliged to appear at the meeting! Having received the message, the hero was even delighted, because for a long time he had no offense or hatred for his father. Wanting to share her achievements with her newfound father, Norval does not notice how he finds himself in the midst of an ingenious trap, getting out of which will be extremely problematic. Watch 4k europix horror movies free at our website.