2020, 720p, Action, Sci-Fi, Sport

Cosmoball 2020

Title:- Cosmoball 2020
Directors:- Dzhanik Fayziev
Writers:- Dzhanik Fayziev, Twister Murchison
Cast:- Viktoriya Agalakova, Georgiy Bestaev, Khristina Blokhina
Genre:- Film 2020 | Action, Sci-Fi, Sport
Rating:- 4.3/10

Synopsis:- Cosmoball 2020 is the latest Hollywood movie in high definition quality. The movie is set in the year 2071. When Galactic wars destroyed the moon and changed the Earth’s climate. without light, Moscow becomes like a tropical forest. A huge alien ship-stadium rises above Moscow, where the competition of Cosmoball (a game) is held. The entire galaxy is watching the matches. Only athletes can play Cosmoball – those who are endowed with extraordinary abilities and can control them. The Spaceball is adored by everyone except Anton, the most ordinary guy who only dreams of finding a job to help the family. But one day he was discovered to have superpowers and was accepted into the national team. Now he is a Cosmoball player. Anton does not yet suspect what role is destined for him in this match and that the final game will be a battle for Earth. Now browse HD Europix online without paying a dime.