720p, Comedy, Horror

The Babysitter Killer Queen 2020

Title:- The Babysitter Killer Queen 2020
Directors:- McG
Writers:- Dan Lagana, Brad Morris
Cast:- Judah Lewis, Samara Weaving, Jenna Ortega
Genre:- Film 2020 | Comedy, Horror
Rating:- 6.4/10

Synopsis:- Grab the link for free download the latest horror movie The Babysitter Killer Queen 2020. In this particular film, Cole could be a junior in high school. He tells his close friend Melanie that his demonic cult led by former Dai Bee tries to kill him. But her parents did not reassure her and planned to consider her psychiatric school. As Cole finds about this, he runs off with Melanie to join a lake party. Their hundreds of friends play a game on the boat and Melanie suddenly kills Boom-Boom. She then tells Cole that she has joined the cult, being a famous influential figure. In the blood of Boom-Boom as a sacrifice, they need another blood to go into the ritual. Then Phoebe suddenly appears and Cole explains everything to Phoebe. Cole and Phoebe run away from here. Sonya, Allison, Max, and John who basically follow Cole and Phoebe. Cole and Phoebe kill them with a car left with a stranger. Cole and Phoebe then arrive at Phoebe’s old family cabin. Here Melanie and Phoebe encounter and Cole kill Melanie. The twist with this story comes when Sonya, Allison, Max, Melanie, and John are revived and drink Cole’s blood mixed together. Subsequently, Bee, who could not drink blood, revealed everything with the intention that Phoebe and Cole could unite and defeat the cult. Europix Movies is a great source of streaming online and downloading the latest Hollywood movies.