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Twist 2021

Title:- Twist 2021
Directors:- Martin Owen
Writers:- John Wrathall, Sally Collett
Cast:- Dominic Di Tommaso, Lena Headey, Samuel Leakey
Genre:- Film 2021 | Action, Drama
Rating:- 4.0/10
The story starts with a chase across London with Raff Law whose father’s spit is racing through the streets. Oliver known as Twist begins with a sad tale and ends with an emotional one. The whole host of chasing, humor, and romance is placed in between when Fagin and his children organize a heist. There is a dark relationship between Fagin and Sykes. Skyes is a very nasty character as in the book. While Lena Headey is not a disappointing character. She kills off the characters who say wrong to her and did not take any prisoner. All are going well, the steps are near the plan completion. But things are not going the way they are discussed which causes tension for everyone. This film is a brilliant original adaption of Oliver, where millennials are planning a clever heist to trick the trickster. For more related action Europix Movies, stay tuned with this site and keep enjoying movies for free.