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The Last Full Measure 2020

Synopsis:- Download latest 2020 movie The Last Full Measure on hdeuropix free hd online. William Pitsenbarger (Christopher Plummer) was a hero of the Vietnam War. Air Force paramedic, personally saved more than 60 men in one of the bloodiest battles of that conflict.Having the opportunity to flee the battlefield in the last helicopter, Pitsenbarger stayed to save and defend the wounded soldiers, eventually being killed by an enemy bullet. For his heroic deeds, it is proposed for the highest military honor a soldier can achieve – the Congressional Medal of Honor. However, before being awarded, the medal is withdrawn for indeterminate reasons.Called to investigate this issue, Inspector Scott Huffman (Sebastian Stan) is obliged to investigate the dark and corrupt political intricacies behind this decision. Download newly released hd movies like hdeuropix Bloodhound free of cost, without installing any app.